Thursday, 3 July 2014

Chris Grayling

Why is it that absolutely everything Chris Grayling touches seems to turn to dust and ashes? He really does have the reverse Midas touch...

Prisons are facing a long hot summer of rising tensions that could well lead to riots (or 'disturbances' if you are in a PR- driven private sector prison). Team Grayling's response: cram two or three prisoners in a cell originally built for one inmate and make life as unpleasant, and unsafe, as possible for prisoners and staff alike. It almost seems like the Ministry of Justice wants a real riot to justify further privatisation of the prison sector on one hand and a massive security crackdown in public sector prisons on the other. This has more than a whiff of right wing chaos ideology: "Let's create a crisis to upset the status quo and then we'll see what comes out of it".

Ministry of (In)Justice?
The partial privatisation of the Probation system is very similar, although there won't be any attention-grabbing media headlines until, and unless, someone who is on licence from prison or serving a community sentence slips through the CRC net - probably because of a breakdown in communication - and does something truly appalling. By then, of course, it will be too late. There will be lots of media hand-wringing and calls for costly public enquiries, but Team Grayling will no doubt 'spin' the story to place blame anywhere else but on the doorstep of the worst, and least qualified, Lord Chancellor in English history.

Public protection? It's Mr Grayling and his ill-thought out policies we all need protection from.

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